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Software and Services for the Insurance Industry

From direct web based products to full scale insurance company systems - we provide a total solution.

Our flagship product: ibais

ibais is designed to manage the complexities of end to end processing for companies engaged in the insurance industry.

ibais provides client management, insurance processing, claims processing, task management, commercial ledgers, general ledger, document production and standard and ad-hoc reporting.

ibais includes versions for insurance brokers, underwriting agencies and insurance companies. Being web based, ibais is available anywhere, anytime and has been engineered to require zero pc deployment.

ibais is extremely intuitive, reducing training time, increasing productivity and ultimately reducing costs.

  • the latest internet based technology
  • task management functions
  • management with a companywide view
  • a platform for B2B and B2C; interconnect

Migration Services

BAIS provides a FULL migration service; turn on ibais, turn off the legacy system.

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