Recently BAIS have released the ibais interconnect product range. This provides BAIS the ability to develop high quality web-based applications that allow our customers to participate in e-commerce. The main advantage with ibais Interconnect is that it communicates directly with the ibais database schema.

The result is that your e-commerce applications utilise the same information and the same business logic as your in-house ibais solution.

This significantly reduces the cost of development, improves delivery times and ensures consistency within your business data. This model ensures your e-commerce data does not corrupt your business data integrity as the rule sets and business logic are identical. This significantly reduces quality assurance processes and helps to ensure the success of your e-commerce project.

Apart from specific rating modules, there is a significant re-use of components in any ibais interconnect solution. This ensures that each new e-commerce application delivered is robust, reliable and ready for your customers.

As ibais interconnect is layered on the ibais database schema, there is significant potential for cross marketing activities.

With ibais Interconnect content management service, your staff can ensure that your customers are always receiving up-to-date product and marketing information every time they visit your e-commerce site.

Built on a framework that supports multiple languages, your ibais interconnect e-commerce application can be customized to be deliver any language, which may help you expand your market presence.

BAIS provide development resources for every stage of your e-commerce development project. We are specialists in insurance and this helps to ensure that every e-commerce project undertaken is a success.

If you’re considering an e-commerce solution for your customers, talk to BAIS. We can ensure that your e-commerce project is successful and echoes the standards of your organisation.

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