BAIS understands that Insurers needs are complex and specific
to each company.

ibais for insurers is a complete solution with the flexibility to manage all aspects of the policy lifecycle, claims management and client account management through to general ledger.

Ibais includes an integrated reinsurance system which can manage a range of reinsurance types from both a policy processing/ceding and claims recovery perspective.

Ibais uses the latest internet based technology making it available to you, your staff and your clients anywhere, anytime.
There is zero deployment on the client PC’s.

Ibais is extremely intuitive, reducing training time, increasing productivity and ultimately reducing costs.

Ibais provides an optional platform for B2B and B2C internet trading called
ibais interconnect.

Ibais does not stagnate – a stream of development continually updates the system and this development is made available to the ibais community.

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