This is the simplest and most cost effective way of using ibais.

In 1997, BAIS deployed its first Bureau customer. Since then, this segment of the BAIS business has grown to over a hundred sites.

Nowadays, the Bureau is referred to as an “Application Service Provider” (ASP); and with the advent of the ibais technology, we now deliver a true browser-base ASP operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This eliminates the requirement for our customers to purchase and maintain in-house systems.

This also eliminates the requirement for back-up and disaster recovery procedures. In some instances, this removes the high staffing costs associated with systems management.

BAIS are responsible for ensuring that regular housekeeping is performed in all ASP accounts, ensuring data integrity and significantly improving system availability.

The ASP operation is maintained and serviced by BAIS staff, ensuring quality of service and security.

Security is of utmost importance in any ASP operation. BAIS has implemented a number of industry standard security measures to ensure that every client’s data is secure and not open to unauthorised interrogation.

The BAIS ASP service provides a low cost, robust and high performance solution to your insurance-based application requirements, whether your business has one or thousands of users.

ASP services infrastructure can be tailored to meet individual client’s needs.

Discuss with us today how your insurance application can be managed more efficiently using BAIS ASP services.

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